The Spanish Language Website

Spanish spell checker
Free Spanish online spell checker with more than five million words that makes suggestions based on the words' pronunciation.

Synonyms and antonyms dicctionary that accepts inflected words and gives you back the synonyms in the same grammatical form.

Verb conjugator
Verb conjugator with more than 13,000 verbs.

Other tools
Hyphenator, number to words converter, lemmatizer, phonetically similar words generator.

Ask Spanish questions here ES
Experts and official contacts to whom you can ask questions, regarding spelling, grammar and usage.

Spelling rules ES
Summary of the most important Spanish spelling rules.

Localisms ES
Glossary of Spanish words that change meaning in different geographical regions.

Sources for research ES
Ditionaries, encyclopedias, libraries, emoticons.

Links ES
Spanish information on the Web. Newspapers, thesis, courses, etc.

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