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In this page you can enter a word and find other words that sound the same, or almost the same, as the given word according to a measure of phonetic distance.
When writing Spanish, it is easy to confuse one word with a similar one, bringing about a spelling error.

Homophones are words that are pronounced identically although they have different spelling and mean different things; for example, "bello" (as in beauty) and "vello" (as in body hair).
Spanish homophony can vary depending on the Spanish speaking region; thus, "casa" (as in home) and "caza" (as in hunt) are homophones in America but not in some regions of Spain; or "cayó" (as in to fall) and "calló" (as in to go silent) are homophones in some regions of Argentina.

Paronyms are those words that are very similar to each other in the way they are pronounced or written, but their meaning is different; for example, "especia" (as in spice) and "especie" (as in biological species).

Phonetic similarity is the measure by which two words sound the same. we can measure mathematically the phonetic distance between two words; if they sound the same (homophones), their distance is zero; when they are very similar but not identical (paronyms), their distance is one. The measure can be extended to larger phonetic distances; the further the search goes, the larger the number of words that will be found.

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