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In this page you can convert numbers written in digits to numbers written in Spanish words, also you can convert numbers written in Spanish words to numbers in digits.

Convert numbers in digits to numbers in words.
  • To cardinal numbers (1->uno, 2->dos, 3->tres, etc.)
  • To ordinal numbers (1->primero, 2->segundo, 3->tercero, etc.)
  • To partitive numbers (2->medio, 3->tercio, etc.)
  • To multiplicative numbers (2->doble, 3->triple, etc.)
For example, for the number 22, you will get: veintidós, vigésimo segundo, vigésimosegundo, vicésimo segundo, vicésimosegundo and veintidosavo.

Convers numbers written as words to digits.
  • Converts cardinal numbers (uno->1, dos->2, tres->3, etc.)
  • Converts ordinal numbers (primero->1, segundo->2, tercero->3, etc.)
  • Converts partitive numbers (medio->2, tercio->3, etc.)
  • Converts multiplicative numbers (doble->2, triple->3, etc.)
For example, if you enter "vicésimo segundo", you will get that it is the ordinal for number 22.

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